Our Projects

"Evolving great ideas into - world changing business"

Ganita Wealth pioneers in evolving great ideas into world changing businesses. We systematically help to create, build and support outstanding intellectual companies along the journey from "cradle to maturity". Ganita have developed the concept of the long-term partnership model, having spent many years researching businesses and investment products, successfully establishing a portfolio of exciting and prosperous opportunities. Our vastly expanding portfolio has seen our fund grow continually, year on year, with a plan to expand our business to globally.

Pflexx Sports

Pflexx Sports was set up specifically to research and develop devices that would speed-up physical rehabilitation. Les Pape, Managing Director, has over 30 years experience in Executive Management & Product Development. Les Pape was devastated when a knee injury forced him away from playing golf. Set for a long recovery, Les started to design and develop devices that could speed-up physical rehabilitation. Beginning with the knee Pflexx, Teams of University analysts, researchers and academics carried out research project and field trials, assisting Physiologists who worked with County Cricket, Rugby League and Athletics Clubs to put the Pflexx to the test. Intensive analysis proved the knee Pflexx improved activity of under-developed muscles by up to 30% when walking and up to 400% when running. So if you're recovering from an injury, Pflexx will help you reach your goals faster.

Risk Warning

Past Performance is not a guide to the future .Market and Exchange rate movements may cause the capital value of shares and the income from them to go down as well as up and the investor may not get back the amount originally invested , tax treatment depends on the individual circumstances of each investor and may be subject to change in the future .You should obtain specific professional advice before making any investment.

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