Ganita provides discretionary investment management for investment funds and other collective investment schemes. We focus on implementing a conservative strategy for our clients. Ganita has established a successful track record in implementing an 80:20 strategy for the clients. The principal strategy is to invest approximately 80% of the net asset value in sovereign debt, public and private debt securities (including corporate and convertible bonds and performance related debt securities), secured structured credit and direct lending. The strategy will invest approximately 20% of the net asset fund value in FTSE equities and related derivatives.

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Ganita provides a service for the clients where they can choose the style of their investments based on their individual risk tolerance .This service is limited to experienced professional investors.

We offer three approaches to portfolio management.

Focuses on capital preservation with potential to deliver income.

Strikes a balance between capital preservation and regular income through growth.

Gives priority to the potential for capital gains.

Ganita Wealth Fund

Ganita Wealth Fund is offshore private fund registered under the law of British Virgin Islands . Ganita Wealth fund is a performance focussed investment fund that strives to achieve strength through diversity in its entire portfolio and business model. Being a firm with global reach Ganita Wealth Fund is the choice of diverse range of clients we recognise that your main objective when investing your money is to preserve and grow your wealth. The Fund focusses on absolute return . Absolute return investing aims to produce a positive return over time , regardless of the prevailing market conditions . There a number of strategies available to the fund manager to help achieve this aim.

The Fund's principal investment strategy is to invest in debt instruments and through direct loans. Consequently the Fund will be invested as to approximately 80 % of the Net Asset Value in sovereign debt , public and private debt securities ( including corporate and convertible bonds and performance linked debt securities ) ,structured credit and direct lending . The Fund will also invest approximately 20 % of the Net Asset Value in FTSE 100 Equities and relate derivatives..

Risk Warning

Past Performance is not a guide to the future .Market and Exchange rate movements may cause the capital value of shares and the income from them to go down as well as up and the investor may not get back the amount originally invested , tax treatment depends on the individual circumstances of each investor and may be subject to change in the future .You should obtain specific professional advice before making any investment.

Ganita Wealth Ltd (597259) is an appointed representative of Met Facilities LLP which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.