With over 50 years  experience investing in the volatile stock market, our primary aim is to provide you more freedom to choose where your investments go. All our actions, including fund management, follow six rules; Discipline, Research, Diversification, Timing, Protection, and Market Risk. Abiding by these rules, all funds under our management will be invested in a flexible mix of low-risk government and corporate bonds together with a portfolio of higher-risk stocks to maximise returns.

While maintaining the need for profit, we will concentrate heavily on reducing the risk of capital loss to maximise returns, prioritising our efforts towards profit over the medium to long-term period.

Not only will we offer macro-diversification within our funds, we'll also offer micro-diversification through the vast range of investments we make. Our proposed  Ganita India Growth Fund UCITS fund will give direct access to the Indian stock market and bonds, whilst offering the protection of a UCITS structure.

Our Vision and Objectives

Our vision is to be one of the leading fund management companies in the UK and internationally, renowned for consistently adding value to clients’ investment portfolios. We will attain this vision through the following strategic objectives:-

  • Strong long-term performance
  • Effective distribution
  • Excellent customer service and support
  • Clear and regular transparent communication
  • Taking appropriate risk
  • Running a profitable business


Paul Smith

Paul Smith

Paul Smith is our Global Sales Director, and with his background in Economics is responsible for growing the client base and reputation of Ganita Wealth.  Paul has worked in the financial service industry for over 20 years, starting in the UK for financial institutions such as Aviva and The Royal Bank of Scotland, then moving to Asia working for major financial institutions including Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. He has great insight into the international QROPS market and international investment products.  Paul returned to the UK and joined Ganita Wealth in 2019.


Bijesh Babu

Bijesh Babu is a co-founder of Ganita Wealth Ltd. He began his career with the Royal Bank of Scotland and has since worked in various financial institutions. He has overall responsibility for the regulation and compliance of Ganita Wealth's funds, as well as being responsible for oversight of the fund management strategy, marketing, and risk management. Bijesh has a postgraduate qualification in Actuarial Science and a degree in Applied Business Computing from the University of Sunderland.

Shaine Skariah

Shaine Skariah

Shaine Skariah manages the administration for the company. Her main roles include; managing the business’ capital, payments/transfers of the business’ capital, logging all investment history for the funds’ clients.

Rajesh Nair

Rajesh Nair

Rajesh Nair is our Investment manager. Since 2003 he has specialised in investment management and has worked for a variety of financial institutions, including international stockbrokers and private trust companies where he was responsible for portfolios for clients, trusts and institutions. In August 2010 he co-founded an owner-managed asset management business that was later acquired by Ganita Wealth Ltd in 2012. Rajesh has in-depth knowledge of both fundamental and technical analysis across multiple asset classes through continual market research.