Our Approach


Our valuation process works by reviewing a business at its most basic or fundamental financial level. This includes the valuation of individual companies, market capitalisation and the longevity of business prospects, and most importantly the consistency of delivering dividends and earnings.


Analysing the current state and future expectations of the global economy, through macroeconomic analysis. Our meticulous research in global macroeconomics is vital in helping us to understand and analyse the performance of any economy. Macroeconomic factors alone do not give us a direct indication of which assets to buy or sell, nor when to buy or sell. However, analysis of the macroeconomic trends that affect the business environment can help the investment team evaluate whether the current economic environment is suitable for investment.


Market sentiment is not an exact science. It's an emotion driven by economic indicators and global events. We gauge the consumer confidence in the major economies and overall attitude of investors towards the market and investing within intraday and weekly time frames.


The graphical analysis of stock data delivers accurate signals and market trends. We analyse the construction of technical data chart patterns and interpret the direction of each asset class performance for the optimum result.

To decide on which are the correct stocks to choose, we follow a set of strategically chosen parameters that we call V.E.S.T.


Successful investments are only possible through an in-depth understanding of the businesses we invest in. We believe in capital preservation and disciplined long-term strategies for achieving our investment goal.


We believe in consistency. Constant, risk-adjusted returns are only achieved by deep and disciplined research, in-depth knowledge of micro and macroeconomics and moreover a common sense approach towards investing.


Risk management is the key to our investment approach.

We focus on reducing risk and providing consistent dividend returns.